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Councillor Davod Harrison

Winners and Loses

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Although we have had no local elections in the New Forest it is always interesting to see the results of votes that have taken place elsewhere, including Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, Fareham & Gosport.

Overall, it seems to have been a bit of a disappointing set of results for the Labour party.

The Tories have suffered both losses and gains.

I suspect they will be relieved that it wasn’t worse for them.

The Lib Dems have recovered a bit (albeit from a low base), with one spectacular turn around in Richmond Upon Thames.

Two or three points worth making… that all spokesman for the three main parties will, of course, talk up the results as great victories.

That only about a third of voters actually bother voting (despite the efforts of all the political parties and inclusion of postal voting).

The sadness that some really good Councillors and this year “Leaders and Deputy Leaders” have lost their seats.

Knowing these people as I do, it’s not a reflection on them personally.

It’s just a bit cruel that you cannot put 110% into the job, as well as find time for year round campaigning.


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