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Councillor Davod Harrison

Why Residents Parking Permit Schemes Aren’t Always The Answer

Parking Sign
Parking Sign
I get a lot of requests from residents suggesting that the Council implement a “Residents Only” Parking scheme where they live.

There are some places in Totton where this works, but, for the most part, it’s not a good idea.

There are more cars than there are spaces to park them.

It follows, logically, that the more you restrict parking…. the more the problem arises about where the other cars will go!

It’s called displacement.

Car drivers who aren’t allowed to park in one road will park as near to their favoured spot as possible.
From experience, this has caused even more problems, with people parking in even more inappropriate places, blocking driveways and at junctions.

Another issue is cost and enforcement.

Resident parking schemes are not provided without charge.
People have to pay for the permits.
Once they start paying, they imagine that the rules will be enforced.
Sadly, this isn’t likely to be the case.
The Traffic Enforcement officers are few in number, concentrate their time in town centres and don’t normally work weekends or evenings, when residential parking issues arise.

The restrictive nature of residents parking schemes also becomes a problem for the residents themselves when it comes to visitors, including family that had got used to parking nearby when visiting.

Overall, I think it’s normally best to make best use of the road by allowing a first come, first served, operation.


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