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Councillor Davod Harrison

What This Poll Really Says….

Latest Poll
Latest Poll

A lot of my Liberal Democrat friends are getting very excited by this recent national poll which shows that more people are likely to vote Liberal Democrat than any other party when it comes to a General Election.

I am rather less excited.

Just as our critics loved pointing out that we were once down to just 8% and below the Greens, polls can move up and down and don’t translate well to MP’s actually elected.

However, if you believe in democracy… and this applies to whichever party you support…. look at how unfair the first past the post system is!

This poll shows that both Labour and Conservatives will have hundreds of MP’s, even though they have a lower share of the vote.

Apart from the growing belief in Britain remaining a member of the EU, a key reason for being a Liberal Democrat is to fight the two main parties who benefit from the first past the post voting system which means we will likely always get either a Labour or Tory government.

Smaller parties that gain millions of votes find that they don’t get a single MP elected to Parliament.

I simply don’t understand why people who swallow the line about the EU taking away our right to govern ourselves aren’t equally or more concerned that most people in this country find that their General Election vote counts for nothing…. in some cases for an entire lifetime!

If you agree, come and join my party and fight the established system for a true democracy.


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