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Councillor Davod Harrison

Well, That Saved A Lot Of Money?

money added to a piggy bank
money added to a piggy bank

Some of you may recall my opposition to the “downsizing” of the Hampshire Fire & Rescue Authority

I was one member who lost a seat when the Conservatives decided that it should reduce from over 20 elected members (representing the whole of Hampshire) to just 10 members, to now include the Police & Crime Commissioner.

There was a bit of a battle over this, but the Tories insisted that it was necessary to save money.

Is anyone really surprised to read in the newspaper that the remaining members of the Tory-run authority have now decided to award themselves a 100% increase in their allowances?

I knew this would happen.

I even said at the time the proposed downsizing was debated that this is exactly what they would do.

What a “Con”?


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