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E: dharrison100@aol.com

Councillor Davod Harrison

Waterside Railway

David - Houses Of Parliament In Background
David - Houses Of Parliament In Background

For all those people that have spent extra hours waiting in slow moving traffic, trying to get into Southampton from the New Forest district, it must seem increasingly clear that we must make use of the Waterside railway line.

Virtually all the infrastructure is in place.

For a relatively small sum of money, we could introduce a regular passenger service which would provide an easy way for thousands of people to get into and out of the Southampton, with ongoing connectivity to everywhere else in the UK.

Of all the things that we could be doing to help improve the serious issue of air quality, installing a train passenger service is guaranteed to reduce road traffic and help.

I have been busy lobbying hard behind the scenes, all the way to central government and hope to see the (relatively new) Leader of Southampton City Council soon, for the same purpose.

I do detect a shift in attitude from the majority of Councillors representing New Forest seats.

Perhaps things will become even more obvious to them when work gets underway on the £25 million project to repair the structure of Redbridge to stop it from sinking away into the mud.

This is bound to cause further traffic delays.

I am often asked by people what they can do to help with the campaign to restore the passenger service.

There are three things

1) Write to the local MP, expressing your view,

2) “Like” the Waterside Community Railway Facebook Page,

3) Write to local newspapers and express your support for the project and how it would benefit you and your family!


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