Visitor Centre Media Frenzy

Yesterday was one of those crazy days when all the media suddenly took an interest in a local story, the proposed closure of the Visitor Information Service at the VIC, Lyndhurst.

I found myself doing a live interview for the BBC outside the centre, then a recorded interview, then a radio interview then requests from local journalists for quotes.

Even after the meeting in which the “Tories weren’t for turning”, I was getting texts and e-mails for my reaction.

It’s the more lively side to being a Councillor, but I am mindful that once the media attention has died down it is real peoples jobs that have been lost and that thousands of people will be turning up next year, expecting a service that won’t any longer be there.

I have not given up on this cause. I still have the hope of exercising some influence in my role as a member of the New Forest National Park Authority.


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