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Councillor Davod Harrison

Use Nature To Help Clean Up Our Air

air - Macro Image Of A Leaf
Macro Image Of A Leaf

I really get a bit wound up when I hear people from New Forest District Council talking about a “Business as Usual” policy when it comes to our air quality issues.

The bits that we need to worry most about are Lyndhurst High Street and the A35, the section that runs from Eling Recreation ground, westwards towards the Redbridge flyover.

I understand that a report about Lyndhurst will be forthcoming in a few months, so discussion at a Council l meeting I attended this week centred around Totton.

I think there is a lack of positive action, other than monitoring.

I don’t think it is right to just hope the situation improves.

We know pollution from traffic emissions is unacceptably high. The evidence that convinces me is the fact that all three Totton Health Centres indicate high levels of local residents presenting with asthma, COPD and other related issues.

Part of the problem is that the Council does not monitor the small particulate matter that seems to cause the most serious health problems.

Eling Infants school is not far away from the A35 and it’s also part of the school route for many Hounsdown pupils.

I have suggested to other Councillors and Officers that the authority invest in some roadside planting along that stretch of road.

It’s been proved elsewhere that planting can reduce pollution levels by as much as 60%.

I cannot think of a more cost effective and practical way of reducing deadly pollution.

I will have to wait and see whether my constant “keeping on” makes any difference.

I am only one of 60 District Councillors but I live nearest the problem area so the phrase one might use is that I have “skin in the game”.


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