Totton Neighbourhood Police Team

Totton Police
Totton Police

Congratulations to our local police team. It’s nice to see them get some recognition for the work they do.

We all know that they are under-resourced.

People sometimes get sniffy about making political points, but let’s face it… how much we put into financing the police and the justice system are political decisions.

Have no doubt about it, the poor and the vulnerable suffer the most when crime increases.

The recent Boris promise to recruit an extra 20,000 police officers will take a long time to have any impact.

What he and other Conservative MP’s don’t tell you is that they have presided over the loss of 21,000 police officers in recent years, meaning that there will be still be a net loss.

As often stated, I think the post of Police & Crime Commissioner should be scrapped.

Locally elected Councillors would never have allowed the police numbers to get so low…they would have caused too much fuss.

There is still far too much crime.

What sort of country are we if we can’t have an effective police force and justice system?


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