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T: 023 8086 4500
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E: dharrison100@aol.com

Councillor Davod Harrison

Totton Library : Open !

Totton Library
Totton Library

I visited Totton Library this morning to check all was well and to thank staff for all the hard work involved in getting the facility open on time, as scheduled.

The staff I spoke to were pleased with the responses they have had from customers.

The library is certainly more spacious than it was, it has new windows, with tinted glass and a much better heating system.

It has two new community rooms (that can be booked) and new IT equipment as well as chargers for mobile phones.

Generally, there is much more flexibility about how the library can be used.

All the shelving is on wheels. I discussed the idea of maybe incorporating a coffee franchise within the library building itself. It seems this may happen at a future date.

The main change is the new technology for checking books in and out.

Most customers were able to use it without problems.

There is always assistance on hand for people encountering difficulties.

I am so pleased that Totton’s library has at last benefited from some significant investment.

The reduced running costs should help ensure its’ future.

As always, I am interested in hearing of your experiences when using the new library.


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