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Councillor Davod Harrison

Tory MP: “I Don’t Believe It”

Uk Balloon
Uk Balloon

It’s always been the case that MP’s disregard polls that don’t support their view of the world and quote polls that do so.

In this case, the Tory MP who represents one half of the city does not believe the poll suggesting a major shift in attitudes to Brexit, whereas the Labour MP, representing the other half, does so.

To be fair to both, what happens is that you tend to live in a bit of a bubble.

Most of the people that you speak to every day are supporters who reinforce your own convictions.

You might genuinely think that the people you represent think one thing, as a result.

Polling works better than MP’s opinions because they are carefully organised to make sure that sampling is done in such a way, so as not to get a biased result.

Every time an MP says “I know better than the polling research”, they almost certainly don’t.

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