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Councillor Davod Harrison

Tory Government Exceeds all Expectations For Being Out of Touch

President Donald Trump
President Donald Trump

Just when you think the Conservatives could not be more out of touch with the public mood… I am genuinely shocked by the latest announcement… that they are considering giving President Trump a State Visit in June.

What an earth do they think will likely happen?

After a week of London being brought to a standstill with climate change protests and complaints about the cost of policing the event?

I was amazed that a buffoon like Donald Trump was ever elected, but then again, I see that the people of Ukraine have elected a “real” comedian to run the country, in preference to anyone else… and this is a country that is in serious military conflict with Russia.

Please.. if there are any conservatives with any influence…. stop this State visit before it happens.

I don’t want to see riots on the streets.

The country is already badly divided by you Brexit shambles.

Having a climate change denier like Trump being given a State Visit is like lighting the touch paper.



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