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Councillor Davod Harrison

Tories Tax You More

Lady using calculator to work out her council tax
Lady using calculator to work out her council tax

I tried, but failed, to prevent the Tories on New Forest District Council from costing you almost £80,000 over the next four years?

The reason you will be paying this extra sum on your council tax? Unbelievably, it’s because the Tory Councillors have decided to appoint two extra Cabinet members with additional allowances in the sum of over £9000 a year.

I pointed out that having eight Cabinet members do the work that six did, should mean that the allowances for all Cabinet members should be reduced.

It isn’t as if there is extra work for them to do given the shrinkage of the Council and the services it provides.

I got a lot of “huff and puff” in response to my request that the matter be considered by an Independent Remuneration Panel.

They simply refused to do so.

So, there we are, the priority of the Tories on New Forest District Council is to feather their own nests at your expense!

I can only hope that people pass a judgement on this when it comes to voting in elections.

They are so out of touch it isn’t true!


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