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Councillor Davod Harrison

Toothless New Watchdog

Dental Dentures Isolated On White
Dental Dentures Isolated On White

I am crushingly disappointed in the Tory government.

We were told that Brexit wouldn’t mean any less environmental protection than we now have.

One of the benefits of being a member of the EU is that there are strict standards enforcing rules on things like air quality, water pollution and protecting wildlife.

As government’s of all parties found out, the European Commission were prepared to take legal action to ensure compliance with the rules.

It was obviously necessary. Belated attempts are only now being made to get to grips with air quality issues (particularly acute here)… only because of the risk of EU fines.

Now, we find out that the new Watchdog that is supposed to replace the European Commission will have no powers to impose fines but can only issue “Advisory notices”.

It’s completely unacceptable. I understand that the Environment Minister, Mr Gove was over-ruled by the Chancellor because tough regulations that are in place under the EU “Would damage the economy”.

So there we have it…. the economy is more important than the 40,000 people that die prematurely every year due to air pollution (Source; Public Health England) and all other things to do with the environment.

I don’t think most conservatives and their supporters realise what’s happening.

Imagine if the police force could only hand out advisory notes to criminals!

I know I bang on about this… but it’s really important folks!!!


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