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Councillor Davod Harrison

Tommy Silhouette

Carteton Town Council
Carteton Town Council

The reputation of Brockenhurst Parish Council has been a bit dented this week following a decision not to allow the “Tommy Silhouettes” to be displayed in the village.

It was surely an oddball decision and should be reversed very quickly.

It might well be the case that the Parish Council are doing all sorts of things that commemorate the ending of the First World War and the sacrifices made, but this one thing sends out the wrong message.

I suspect that, as I have witnessed on many occasion, there wasn’t any great long debate on the issue in the council chamber.

It’s a case of one person expressing a view and the others going along with it, without too much thought to the consequences.

It’s not too late to set things right.

This Council (picture here) have got things exactly right with a Tommy displayed on the entrance to the Town.


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