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Councillor Davod Harrison

The Terror Of …. Acronyms


I have had a fantastic career that spans many sectors from the NHS, to National Parks, the insurance sector, schools and colleges, to local government and even the police and fire service.

One of the joys of involvement in each organisation is learning all the special acronyms that are frequently used but rarely understood by anyone outside.

Occasionally, it’s been necessary to provide reports with a glossary of acronyms, so that you can read an officers report whilst availing yourself of a handy reminder of what the acronyms in the report mean.

In some cases, it struck me as a lot easier if they simply spelt out the word in full, rather than use the acronym…. but that would only aid understanding and we can’t have that, can we?

To my astonishment, I found that different organisations use the same acronym for very different things.. which makes things even more of a challenge.

Anyway, I did have to chuckle today when an officer sent me an e-mail confirming the location of a meeting I am to attend.

It is next to the “MFD” room. I hesitated before asking what MFD stands for… perhaps it is really obvious?

Anyway, I swallowed hard and asked.

I learned that MFD stands for “multi-functional device”. I am supposed to look for the room next to where the photocopier is…..

Have you got a favourite acronym?


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