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Councillor Davod Harrison

The People Are Still Speaking

David At Eu Rally
David At Eu Rally

Whenever, I post something on Brexit, no matter what sort of disaster the government has made of it, no matter what terrible consequences are going to flow out of it, I always get some “leave” supporters tell me that the people have spoken and that’s the end of the matter.

They seem happy to ignore the fact that “the people” are still speaking and increasing numbers are saying that they want to be heard again.

Winchester was absolutely packed with anti-Brexit marchers today.

They outnumbered any leave supporters by about 100-1.

I am a great believer in democracy.

It’s clear that we are not going to get the sort of Brexit that most of the 52% thought we could get.

In these circumstances it is only fair and proper that the people get the chance to have a final say, even if that means deciding we should stay after all.


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