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Councillor Davod Harrison

The Last City-Run Care Homes

Exercising In Care Homes
Exercising In Care Home
I can imagine the turmoil being felt by Councillors in Southampton.
Despite all the knocking they get, I am sure that they genuinely do care about a situation in which they are being forced into closing the last two remaining council run care homes in the city.

On a party political level, you can interpret it all sorts of ways… the Labour run Council implementing Tory cuts,

The Tory government squeezing Council budgets so hard that it has come to this, Tories still claiming that Austerity was all down to Labour’s high spending…

The fact remains that care homes are closing for financial reasons and everyone must share misgivings about where this is all leading to.

It is said that care will increasingly be delivered “in the community” in future.

They paint a picture of people staying happily in their homes with an army of carers and nurses and latest technology to support them.

I am not against a general trend towards enabling people to stay in their homes for longer.

All the surveys suggest that this is what people want.

However, I do a have a fear that people won’t be cared for to an acceptable standard and indeed, I worry a lot about an over reliance on other family members providing the necessary care.

I would feel more reassured if this was a phased, planned, approach rather than a forced, sudden retreat brought about by budget balancing demands.

The concerns are greater because a lot of privately run care providers are also struggling to continue.

It is surely a test of how civilised our society really is, how well we care for our older, vulnerable, people?


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