The “B” Word

Donkies At Hatchet Pond
Donkies At Hatchet Pond

A few calm reflections on the “B” word.

Do you remember the good old days, when nobody had ever heard of the Brexit word?

I think that most of us will probably agree that it would have been better if the whole idea was never dreamt up.

Who could have ever imagined that it would cause so much strife, division, upset and effectively gummed up the entire government machine for three years?

As I was out delivering leaflets in Testwood today, an immigrant stopped me and said “I think you are doing a great job, but I would never vote nationally for your party”.

The Yorkshireman was somewhat disarmed when I acknowledged that many people (about half the country) feel the same way about the Liberal Democrats.

You are either for our pro-EU position, or against us.

Have you ever had an argument that has run on for so long that you have forgotten how it started off?

I think Brexit is a bit like that.

I honestly struggle to recall what Brexit was supposed to do that would make life so much better.

Here was some stuff about sovereignty being restored to our Parliament (which seems absurd given the unlawful attempts to shut it down by the present Prime Minister).

My Yorkshire friend believes that it is the fault of opposition parties for not respecting the referendum result.

I told him that it was the Conservative government who held the referendum and promised to deliver Brexit.

You can hardly expect the Liberal Democrats to support something we have always been against.

The failure to deliver Brexit rests with the Conservatives.

They had a majority in Parliament.

They could have supported Mrs May’s deal and didn’t do so on the three occasions that it went to a vote.

Clearly, there needs to be a General Election in order to see which way the country wishes us to proceed.

If you are happy with a no deal Brexit, you can vote for the Brexit Party.

If you have confidence that a large Conservative majority will deliver a good deal Brexit, then vote that way.

If you think that the Liberal Democrats are right and that it is in the country’s best interests to stay in the European Union, but to try and reform it, then vote that way.

I am afraid I cannot recommend voting Labour because they really don’t have a clear policy and are simply trying to keep different parts of the country, leavers and remainers, on board by means of a policy fudge.

Any political party worth supporting should be clear where it stands on such an important issue.


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