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Councillor Davod Harrison

THE £10 Million the Tories won’t mention

Houses Of Parliament
Houses Of Parliament

I must say, if ever the following provides an example of dysfunctional government, this is it.

The Tories commissioned a review of Parliamentary constituency boundaries.

The idea was to save some money, by having a few less MP’s.

Also, to make the electoral system a bit fairer by having constituencies that have more or less the same number of voters.

Anyway, after a huge amount of time and effort, involving consultations and re-drafts, the Electoral Commission finished the job.

What do you think it cost?

I thought it would be a few £100,000.

In fact, the final bill is estimated at £10 million.

So much for saving money, you say!

Anyway, perhaps some will argue that the money was well spent if it improves democracy and makes the House of Commons a slightly leaner, more efficient operation.

Sadly, even those who might instinctively jump to the Tories defence are deprived of doing so.

I learned today that the Tories aren’t at all confident that they could get the legislation through Parliament.

It would involve some of the Tory MP’s voting themselves out of office.

So, the Tories have put the report in a drawer, with no plan to take things any further.

It might sit there for years and years until such time as a future government decides that it wants to tackle the issue.

Of course, by then, all the population figures will be out of date and a new report will be commissioned… probably for a lot more than the bargain price of £10 million.


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