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Councillor Davod Harrison

Talk Talk Scam

Elderly Man With Phone
Elderly Man With Phone

I have just had a call from one of my older constituents, worried about having given information to somebody who called him from “Talk Talk”, who suggested that they can cut his monthly bill by 50%.

It was very clear, from listening to him, that the caller wasn’t really from the company at all…. it is yet another scam aimed at extracting information from him so they can clear out his bank account.

Fortunately, he began to get suspicious at the point they asked him for bank details and ended the call.

I suspect that a lot of other people will fall into the trap of trusting the caller and supplying everything.

Personally, I think it is wise to never trust anyone calling you that they are who they say they are, especially when they start asking for information about you.

I thought I would post this as a warning as these scams are becoming increasingly common and, older, more vulnerable people, are being targeted.


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