Street Lighting Issue

Street Lighting
Street Lighting

A year ago, Hampshire County Council announced an intention to turn off street lights across much of the county in the early hours of the morning.

There was a public consultation and I posted about this on my Facebook Page and website, encouraging people to comment.

There were very few objections and a decision was made to switch off lights from 1am.

It does have the advantage of saving £millions in electricity bills and is one of the most effective energy saving ideas the authority has adopted, reducing carbon emissions.

In response to concerns I raised about possible increases in crime, I was told that there were no increases in both urban and rural areas where a switch off had been trialled.

Now that the switch off has reached Totton, some residents are raising the issue with me at the doorsteps.

I am supportive of the Hampshire wide policy, but if Totton residents want an opt out, or even a slightly later time the lights lights go off, I am happy to support that.

I think Totton is particularly vulnerable and worthy of arguing it is a special case.


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