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Councillor Davod Harrison

Specific Audience

Fat Red Fox
Fat Red Fox

One has to keep reminding yourself that the two Tory MP’s, fighting to become Leader are playing to a very specific audience when it comes to making their campaign pledges.

It will only be Conservative party members who will be allowed to vote in the election… a vanishing and elderly small percentage of the overall population.

This is why Jeremy Hunt thinks it a good idea to announce that he thinks it is important to bring back legalised fox hunting.

It also explains why Boris Johnson is happy to ignore all the public health evidence about obesity and the recent revelations about increased cancer risk and suggest that he would remove tax on high sugar and salt foods.

I have to admit that I had very low expectations of both candidates and the more I have heard from them…. the totally unrealistic stances they have taken on how they are going to sort out Brexit, open up a war chest of money to spend on everything from farming to the police, to big tax breaks for the already better off, the less impressed I am.

I heard yesterday from a former Tory Councillor in the New Forest, that he has just joined the Liberal Democrats.

It’s quite easy to see why, given the state of governance in this country and what we can look forward to from the Conservatives.


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