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Councillor Davod Harrison

Shocking Read

The Secret Barrister
The Secret Barrister

I was generally aware of a number of issues with the criminal justice system but I have to admit I had no idea at all about the seriousness of all the shortcomings until read this book.

Did you know that you can be wrongly convicted of a crime and imprisoned for 17 years in this country, without receiving an apology or a penny in compensation?

This has actually happened to somebody.

If you ever wanted to know what could happen to you, or anyone you know, the injustices that can happen because of government cuts to legal aid, cuts to the courts system, the deplorable way witnesses can be treated, what a lottery sentencing policy really is, that we imprison more people than any other country in western Europe, about half of whom get no support and simply go back in again, how prisons are so badly run, the shortfalls of the probation system, how absolutely pathetic politicians can be by talking tough but not understanding what’s really wrong… then this is a book well worth reading.

It even details the most sordid practices of some police officers who apparently just “know” somebody is guilty, so fit their evidence and suppress evidence in order to get the results they need.

I am not easily shocked, but this book managed it.


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