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Councillor Davod Harrison

Secret Appointment

Michael Lane Pcc
Michael Lane Pcc

Did you hear that the Tory Police & Crime Commissioner has appointed a Deputy at a cost to the taxpayer of a further £60,000 a year?

You probably didn’t because it was all done on the quiet.

It’s only now come to public attention following a Freedom of Information request and a story in the Portsmouth News.

I have long been a critic of the Police & Crime Commissioner post. Ever since we switched from having the police scrutinised by a Police Panel of locally elected Councillors, to having a political PCC, crime has got steadily worse, in part due to much reduced resources and far less officers.

I really don’t see that employing a Deputy PCC is the best means of using taxpayer’s money.

Everybody I know, when asked, thinks the money would be better spent employing frontline police officers.

Portsmouth News


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