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Councillor Davod Harrison

Rubbish Performance

plastic recycling shambles

I was a party pooper again at the cabinet meeting of New Forest District Council this week.

The Tories were all patting each other on the back, approving a partnership plan for dealing with household waste.

Reading the report, you would have thought that the District Council was performing well.

“They don’t like it up em”, as they say.

I got a very hostile reaction when I pointed out their recycling record is one of the worst in the country.

They don’t even feature in the top 300 of a council league table for recycling.

The recycling rates in the New Forest District are so dire that we are recycling less than half of household waste that is recycled in the top performing authority, South Oxfordshire.

I told the Tories that they had nothing at all to be proud of in terms of performance.

I think there is a lot of confusion surrounding whether certain items, especially plastics, can or cannot be recycled.

Unless they introduce a straightforward system, things won’t improve.

I also criticised their decision to remove 90 Bring Back recycling facilities from all over the District area.

These were well used, even after the household glass collection system was introduced.

Doubts over the future of the Household Waste recycling facilities and the possibility of new charges haven’t helped either.

The Tories have recently appointed a new Cabinet member to take charge of this area of responsibility.

I genuinely wish her well in making a difference in the year we have left before the elections.

She will know that the Liberal Democrats attach much greater importance to the environment and it will be my ambition to replicate performances in line with Lib Dem controlled Eastleigh Borough Council.


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