Report for Marchwood Parish Council 18th July 2016

report 18 July 2016
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Recycling Houshold Waste
I am very pleased that Hampshire County Council have apparently decided not to close any of the HWRC’s in the County, although all of them are likely to be subject to a partial closure, including more limited hours and closure on Thursdays, also with some items now being charged for.

I think the campaign to prevent closure of the Marchwood facility has been largely successful and I would like to thank all those who signed and helped gain signatures for the petition I raised.

I do think that partial closure and limited hours will likely lead to an increase in fly tipping. MPC could make further representations to HCC, pointing out that the Marchwood facility is one of the busiest in Hampshire, especially during the time when it is proposed to be closed.

I have a fear that this is just the second phase of cut backs to the HWRC. The first phase was the decision not to invest in an upgraded facility that we had been promised. As with Children’s Centres and bus subsidies, the HCC cuts are carried out over a number of years, until there is effectively little left.

Children’s Centres
Marchwood has never had a Children’s Centre but they were available in Hythe and in Totton. As a result of further cuts, there will only be one for the whole of the New Forest district, located nearby Fawley.

Cycle Route
This continues to be well used and I’m supportive of it being extended to meet Tavells Lane. The priority for me however is trying to improve the crossing arrangements at Trotts Lane because that would have the biggest safety implications. Things went very quiet for several months – I think due to cut backs and re-organisation at Hampshire County Council Highways department.

However, I continued to press for the project to proceed and I have recently been sent an engineers drawing based on what they think possible, given land ownership constraints and it has been costed at an estimated £28,000, of which we currently have £10,000.

I am hoping that the various local authorities with a responsibility for safety will see the merit of this scheme and agree to contribute to the cost. Specifically, I would like MPC to consider settting aside £4000 when setting your next budget. The alternative is some sort of commercial sponsorship / fund raising or to wait until developers contributions become available.

Members will have seen in the media that there is a battle going on as to the best way to re-organise local government, with the real possibility of Hampshire splitting up and / or a Mayor being imposed upon us.
The outcome of behind the scenes discussion was very uncertain, even more so now that we have new government ministers in post.

HCC has so far spent £89,000 on a consultants report making the case for a “Super Hampshire” Council. A broadly similar sum is being spent by the Districts and Boroughs which will no doubt recommend an alternative that sees these authorities remain.


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report 18 July 2016

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