Report For Rushington Manor Residents Association November 2015



Council Matters :

In response to my request, NFDC have agreed to install a new litter bin near the bus shelter, (Rushington side) of the A35 at Rumbridge.

Works to restore the footway along the river are progressing okay. There have been a few issues, including vandalism to the plant store on the car park and material used to damage local property. It was a 6 week project. I expect it will be “job done” in a couple of weeks.

Nothing new to report with regard to the Ridgeway Car Site. The planning permission for it to be developed is still there, but no sign of it going ahead. It’s understood that one of the potential retailers has pulled out.

Similarly, no planning application has yet been lodged for the Eling Wharf site, despite a full public consultation and expectation that it would be. I understand that the site owners are also possibly looking for a replacement retailer (supermarket).

NFDC are currently embarking on a review of potential sites for housing development in the New Forest district. This is associated with the central government push to get more houses built. Due to the “dohnut” effect of the National Park and other constraints that prevent housing being developed in other areas, a lot of the green fields in Totton are very likely to be built on in future years. Locally, this means land north of Totton (much of which is actually in Netley Marsh Parish), fields at the back of Hounsdown and down towards Marchwood.

The cycle link between Totton & Marchwood is completed and open. There are a few issues that need sorting, including a small area that has flooded twice following heavy rain, but almost everyone has praised the quality and value of the project. It represents many years planning and hard work and was achieved at a time when local government has very little funding available for such projects.

Cycle routes alongside the A35 have also been upgraded. The Ashurst to Lyndhurst cycle route has also just about been finished in terms of re-surfacing. All told, there has never been a better time for Rushington residents to get on their bikes !

I have chased NFDC to make sure that Trants Engineering make good the damage they did (in as much as is possible) to the Cockleydown Copse. I understand they have already removed some hard standing materials they put down to create an illegal car park and that re-planting of trees will follow shortly.

I challenged a decision by NFDC not to carry out a review of car parking charges at NFDC car parks, using the Rumbridge Street car park as an example of an under-utilised facility. I don’t think the present £5 a day charge benefits anyone as the car park tends only to be used by clock holders and Council staff. My challenge was dismissed.

I also challenged a decision by NFDC to redefine “Seniors” as those over 65 years of age, as opposed to the current 60 years of age, when it comes to membership of the Health & Leisure Centres. The decision will mean that any new members in that age group will have to pay an additional £130 a year. I think this is poor policy because it will act as a disincentive for older people to exercise, just at a time when they are examining how they can tackle to the problem of “sedentary lifestyles”. Once again, my challenge was dismissed.

I am opposed to and campaigning against expected cuts to police budgets as it will further erode the capacity of Hampshire Constabulary to undertake community policing.

Hampshire Fire & Rescue Service are currently undertaking a risk review consultation with the public and details can be found on their website.

I have recently been asked and agreed to become a trustee for the following :

The Three Score Club, Totton

PEDAL – An inclusive cycling organisation, supported by the National Park Authority.


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