Report For Marchwood Parish Council October 12th 2015

Marchwood incinerator and power station.
Marchwood incinerator and power station.

Footway & Cycle Link to Totton
As I’m sure most of you know the project to create a new safe cycle and footway linking Marchwood to Totton has now been largely completed.

There are a few small things that need to be ironed out and the possibility of some improvements. I’m meeting with the cycling officer at the New Forest National Park on site next week to discuss these.

I am looking forward to the official opening ceremony on the 6th November, which will be a chance to acknowledge the contribution of everybody who made it possible.

Tarmac Application
The application to construct a tarmac plant at Marchwood Industrial Estate will go before the Regulatory Committee of Hampshire County Council on November 18th.

I have objected to the proposal and registered my intention to speak at the meeting. I have also reserved a place for a deputation from Marchwood Parish Council.

Cork Farm
I have heard nothing further from the agents for Barker Mill Estates.

I know that they were told by officers at HCC that the plans for an industrial estate and anaerobic digestion plants were unlikely to be given consent and that they are said to be considering “other options”.

Hampshire County Council, along with other local authorities, including New Forest District Council and the National Park Authority have all signed up to a prospectus, asking for more powers to be devolved from central government.

This is likely to happen with regard to retention of business rates locally.

It might be that we will have more control over bus services. I am not sure that it will go very much further.

The Chancellor wants the new proposed combined authorities to accept a new Mayor as the price for having new powers. I don’t think all councils will agree to this. It’s a case of wait and see.

It was good to see MPC well represented at the Environmental Liaison Committee last week.

We listened to some interesting presentations from the bosses of large industries about progress being made reducing the harmful impact of what they are doing.

My grant budget for this financial year is now spent or committed. Some of you may recall that it was reduced from £10,000 per annum to £8,000 per annum.

There is a proposal to cut it still further, (perhaps to £5,000). I am resisting this on the basis that the money is always very well used and helps so many local organisations. Again. It’s wait and see!


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