Rail Line Back on Track

newspaper cutting Revival of rail line gets back on the tracks
newspaper cutting Revival of rail line gets back on the tracks

Yesterday, I was asked by the BBC to be at Marchwood rail platform for a filmed interview about restoration of a passenger service along the Waterside.

The media have taken notice of the growing campaign and wanted to use the opportunity of a special Charter of a passenger service that started off at Waterloo and visited a lot of places around the southern network, including the Waterside line.

Unfortunately, although I did the interview, the train itself did not turn up!

In a somewhat rare event, the train derailed when it got to Southampton, in the eastern docks area.

Never mind, there is good coverage in the New Forest Post this week (read the article below}.

When people understand that it would take just 11 minutes to step on a train at Marchwood and step off it at Southampton Central, they begin to see the benefit.

A local told me it often takes about 45 minutes, traffic permitting, to get to West Quay by bus.

Railway Article by Chris Yandell

Railway Article by Chris Yandell


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