Proper Respect...
Proper Respect...


No one political party should ever lay claim to supporting our armed forces. They exist in order to protect democracy and the freedom to choose who governs us.

The members of the armed forces comprise of people who support all political parties.


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New Forest Local Plan Is Approved | Advertiser And Times

July 9 2020

New Forest Local Plan is approved | Advertiser and Times

FREE VOTE OR A BULLIED VOTE It was interesting to witness every Conservative Councillor on New Forest District Council voting in favour of the Local Plan that clears the way for 10,000 houses to be built. You can hear the debate on this by visiting the New Forest District Council website. I told the Liberal…

Close Call At The Marchwood Co Op...

July 8 2020


CLOSE CALL AT THE MARCHWOOD CO-OP I am pleased that nobody was hurt as a result of a driver losing control of her automatic car and driving into the Co-op Store, at Marchwood today.

Fawley Waterside: Main Site

July 8 2020

Fawley Waterside: Main Site

THE FAWLEY WATERSIDE DILEMMA I am not currently on the Planning Committees of the New Forest District Council or New Forest National Park Authority, so have some freedom to express my view on whether planning permission should be granted for a major residential and commercial development on and around the site of the former Fawley…

Fawley Waterside: Main Site

July 8 2020

Register to vote

MY VOTING TIP If asked to give you one tip when it comes to voting, my answer might surprise you! I imagine that a lot of people would expect me to say "Vote for me" or for other Liberal Democrat candidates. In fact, my one big tip about voting isn't at all about who to…

Always Good To Share News Of Local Jobs........

July 8 2020

Always good to share news of local jobs……..

Always good to share news of local jobs…..