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Councillor Davod Harrison

Prime Minister Material?

Boris Johnson Courtesy Daily Mail
Boris Johnson Courtesy Daily Mail

There are a lot of social media posts which are clearly aimed at ruining the chances of the Conservative front runner, Boris Johnson, from getting elected as their next leader.

I am not at all sure that any such attempts will succeed.

He will be chosen not by the public but a very small minority of the public, average age 70, Conservative members who think Brexit is a great idea and are willing to overlook all his very obvious flaws in the same way as many Americans voted for Trump.

It’s really odd how unplanned events can elevate the stature of politicians, turning disaster into triumph.

For all his faults, he is able to turn things around with the use of humour, very effectively.

I read in The Times today that the real reason he got stuck on a zip wire, starting a feeding frenzy with the media, was that Boris lied to the operators about his weight, causing them not to adjust the tension correctly.

I can’t help wondering if this is true or not, but it certainly plays well with those who think he is far too untrustworthy to be leading a political party, let alone being Prime Minister.


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