Politics in Crisis

Local Politicians Standing Outside Number 10
Local Politicians Standing Outside Number 10

It’s a very time for the conservative party and for democracy generally. With one New Forest Tory MP voting “Yes” to the Brexit deal and another voting “No”, they lose the ability to blame anyone else but themselves.

I don’t think that Mrs May has the ability to get us out of this crisis. She is a weak negotiator who was always in a weak position anyway. It’s isn’t really a surprise that the deal she came back with was rejected.

There are two things that most MP’s agree on, 1) The deal was a really poor one and 2) We must not be allowed to crash out of the EU without a deal.

At the moment, we seem to be heading towards an economic melt down and a political crisis that has the potential to split both Labour and the Conservative party.

Sometimes, you have to set aside the party politics and do what is best for the country. My suggestion would be to form a cross party coalition government that puts us in a position where we can find a consensus on what our future relationship with the EU should be. This wouldn’t be my favoured option (which is to remain), but everyone is going to have to compromise now.

I am a bit sorry I wasn’t elected to Parliament in order to facilitate this sort of approach.

(Photo shows politicians of different parties working together outside No 10 Downing Street).


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