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Councillor Davod Harrison

Open Letter To Conservatives

By The Railway
By The Railway

Dear Colleague,

Has your party finally gone off the rails?

The House of Commons vote last night was (ironically) a 52% / 48% split, determining that MP’s should take control of what happens in Parliament, rather than allowing Boris Johnson to push through a no deal Brexit which Parliament has already voted against and for which there is no public mandate.

I think we owe a debt of gratitude to the brave Conservative MP’s who ignored all the threats and made such a sacrifice by voting against the government.

They were clearly putting the interests of the country first, before party and personal ambition.

You may be pleased that the Conservative party has become a version of the Brexit party, or you may be the sort of moderate politician who believes that Britain is stronger as part of the European Union.

If you are of the view that the Conservative party has moved away from your core values, I would be very happy to welcome you into the Liberal Democrats.

We don’t think that the EU is perfect but that it is patently obvious we should continue with a strong relationship, keeping all the benefits we have, whilst being able to influence it, as a member.

I am always happy to have a chat with any of you!

Best Wishes,

Councillor David Harrison,
Leader, New Forest Liberal Democrats


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