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Councillor Davod Harrison

One Man Turns Up For Town Meeting

Shipping Containers
Shipping Containers

In keeping with a familiar trend in recent years, just one member of the public turned up for the Annual Town Meeting of Totton & Eling Town Council tonight.

There were about ten Councillors present (about half of the Council).

The reports were brief and questions descended into a bit of free for all, with an argument over whether the Men’s Shed project should be allowed to place three containers to the rear of the Civic Centre building.

I helpfully pointed out that it seemed a bit perverse to be worrying about the presence of three containers tucked together and screened to the rear of the building when we have a mountain of containers overlooking the Eling Quay Heritage area.

The one question asked by the member of public was why the Town Council website was so poor, pointing out that he couldn’t find details of this meeting on the site.

It does seem extraordinary that only one person shows up in a town with a population of 33,000.

I say this every year, simply putting a poster on noticeboards isn’t nearly enough.

The Town Council should be using social media much more effectively.

If the Liberal Democrats take control in May, this will be high on our list of priorities.


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