Not counting any Chickens

Strong & stable - Prime Minister Teresa May
Prime Minister Teresa May

With only a week or so before postal voters receive the ballot papers for the Parish and District Council elections it seems amazing that we have seen so little active campaigning from rival political parties.

I can understand that the local conservatives must be feeling very depressed and angry.

Many have decided not to go out and campaign because of the reception they will get.

Failure to sort out Brexit and now trying to to get last minute help from Jeremy Corbyn will cause lasting damage to a party that is fast dying, with 50% of its’ membership over the age of 65.

It looks to me that a lot of previous conservative voters simply won’t vote, by way of a protest.

Others may be inclined to look elsewhere and see what the Lib Dems are offering.

I am certainly not “counting any chickens”, but for the moment at least, things are looking very favourable to challenge the virtual monopoly of power that the conservatives have locally.

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