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Councillor Davod Harrison

“Not A Funeral – An Event”

Melissa Curtis 1979 2018
Melissa Curtis 1979 2018

I attended the funeral of Melissa Curtis at Eling church today.

I wasn’t expecting what transpired.

In the words of Rev. Chris Stead “It’s not so much a funeral as an event”.

The church was absolutely packed with mourners of all ages, but especially young people.

The coffin was covered in brightly coloured photographs, reflecting different parts of Melissa’s life.

Her husband, Jason, paid a really courageous, witty, and heartfelt tribute.

Reflecting Melissa’s love of musicals there was a rendition of “What I’ve been looking for”, sung by Anastasia Quinton Smith and George Grayson, followed by a large choir, singing a really upbeat “Colour my World” from Priscilla Queen of the Desert.

Melissa was loved and respected by lots of people and will be much missed.

It would be good if the Town Council agrees to some sort of lasting memorial, perhaps naming something in or around Hanger Farm.

I have asked that this be considered.


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