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Councillor Davod Harrison

No Words Really…

School Crossing Patrol people
School Crossing Patrol people

Some of the biggest threats to public services have been delayed as a result of the conservatives cancelling proposed cuts to school crossing patrols, household waste tips and bus subsidies.

The budget being proposed by the conservatives at Hampshire County Council includes some extra money to keep these services, (although they are proposing the biggest increase in council tax they can get away with – 5.99%).

In time-honoured party political fashion, the Tories have already started putting out leaflets in some parts of Hampshire claiming that the Liberal Democrats “lied” about the proposed cuts and that they, the conservatives, have “saved” the services.

You can judge whether or not the proposed cuts have really been saved.

All I can be sure about is that the Lib Dems played a key role in making the public aware of them and actively campaigned to protect them.

It is quite funny that the Tories are now boasting that they have saved the services.

They are the only people who threatened to cut them in the first place.


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