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Councillor Davod Harrison

NFDC Adopts Litter Powers

Litter Picking
Litter Picking

The District Council formally decided to adopt new powers that will enable them to levy fines at the registered owners of vehicles, if any litter is thrown out, whether by the driver or a passenger.

The proposed fine is £80, but discounted to £50 if paid within a few days.

This legislation has been in place elsewhere for some time, including the London Boroughs, where it has proved ineffective.

I was the only member expressing doubts as to whether it would work any better in the New Forest District.

I reminded the Council that we have existing powers to dish out fines in respect of abandoned shopping trolley’s.

Also we can fine owners who allow their dogs to mess without clearing it up, on pavements, verges and public open spaces.

I said that the last time I had checked… zero fines had actually been imposed, not last year, the year before that, or the year before that.

It does seem to me to be a bit of a token policy, designed to grab headlines that the Council is doing something about the massive anti-social practice.

But will it work?

The Tories have declined to specify what success will be.

Will we see any fines issued? Will it recover their costs in setting up? Will we be able to record any difference to the amount of roadside littering?

This is one of those policies which I would very much like to be effective, but if it hasn’t worked in London Boroughs with high levels of traffic enforcement officers, police and CCTV…. why do we think it will work at all in the district?


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