New Forest Local Plan is approved | Advertiser and Times

New Forest Local Plan Is Approved | Advertiser And Times
New Forest Local Plan Is Approved | Advertiser And Times


It was interesting to witness every Conservative Councillor on New Forest District Council voting in favour of the Local Plan that clears the way for 10,000 houses to be built.

You can hear the debate on this by visiting the New Forest District Council website.

I told the Liberal Democrat group that they should make up their own minds and not feel bullied to vote for something they cannot support. We do need homes, but whether we need this many in the next 20 year period without the infrastructure being in place is quite another question.

Almost everybody agrees that the A326 (the road that runs up and down the Waterside) cannot take much more traffic. Whenever there is an incident on the single carriageway road, all the traffic re-routes through the centre of Marchwood village. It's absolute chaos. I honestly don't know how Conservative Councillors must have felt supporting the plan, knowing this was the case.

One Conservative Councillor claimed they weren't being bullied, but then admitted that if they didn't vote for the plan, government would impose even higher housebuilding targets in the area. That sounds exactly like bullying to me!…

New Forest Local Plan is approved | Advertiser and Times

CONTROVERSIAL Local Plan to build more than 10,000 homes in the New Forest have been approved amid a failed bid to delete land earmarked for 100 properties.


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  1. Elaine Payne on Saturday, July 11, 2020 at 1:43 pm

    For the past 50+ years we have tolerated ‘musak’ noise, smoke from bonfires and , screaming children from our ‘neighbours’ in certain parts of Tedder Way off water Lane Totton.
    Today Saturday from 9am until now early afternoon ( l have to escape in a moment) people at 36 Tedder Way have made my life an utter hell with loud “Muzak” no discernible genre of music just drumming etc., we have complained several times in years past, but fear doing so again as NFDC made a mistake and called at the WRONG house (they were the children of life long friends- no more sadly) and accused them wrongly of having a crèche. David, we would move if we could. As it is my stress levels have reached boiling point and my health is suffering. We are both 80 and not sure we we can tolerate this every spring and summer as we have for the past 50 years.
    Please telephone me ASAP, 02380570023.

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