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Councillor Davod Harrison

New Forest Animal Accidents

Animal Accidents
Animal Accidents

This is an interesting map. It shows details of where there have been collisions between vehicles and animals in the New Forest over the a four year period (2014 -2018).

It has been colour coded so you can easily see the most dangerous areas (red).

It seems that 70% of all such incidents occur on just four New Forest roads.

A huge amount of work goes into reducing the risk of such collisions, but it still requires drivers to be very cautious and anticipate the unpredictable nature of animals whether they be horses, cattle or deer.

Many of the accidents occur at night time when there is reduced visibility.

Perhaps in future years, most vehicles will be fitted with special sensors and automatic braking systems and such collisions will be unheard of.

However, I think future generations will look back with horror at the carnage that happens now.

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