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Councillor Davod Harrison

Never Apologise Or Admit A Mistake

No Free Tv
No Free Tv

It seems to be a key quality of all successful politicians that they should never apologise or even admit that they got something wrong.

There are a few exceptions… I well remember Nick Clegg saying “Sorry” over and over again after he made a pledge on tuition fees that he wasn’t able to deliver because the Conservatives blocked him.

Boy, did he suffer for that… and so did the party, including a lot of Lib Dem Councillors who had nothing to do with the policy.

I am afraid that I won’t progress any further up the greasy political pole on the basis that I subscribe to the view that all politicians are human beings and make exactly the same misjudgements as everybody does.

It hurts a little to admit it, but since voicing the opinion that it was reasonable for the Government / BBC to take away free TV licenses for older people, having heard all the arguments against it, I have changed my mind.

I am now persuaded that it is wrong to withdraw a gift that recognises the contribution of older people who have worked hard all their lives and paid taxes.

It’s actually quite a mean and nasty thing to do.

I did originally place all the blame on government for the sly way it passed on the buck to the BBC, but, although I still think the Tories are mainly to blame, I don’t think the BBC have covered themselves in glory.

I cannot believe the amounts they are still paying to what they describe as “Top presenters”.

I don’t think the way they are carrying on is sustainable.

So…hands up… I am sorry about my original stance on TV licences and am happy to join the chorus of people who think the benefit should be retained.


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