My Views – in a nutshell


Just for fun, I have listed my views, in a few words on a range of topics.

Count and let me know how many you agree with!

Trident Missile System:
Scrap it. Spend money on tackling terrorist threats.

Stay in, but work to reform it

Voting System:
Replace with proportional representation

Worth the money, but reduce costs by preventing people getting unwell.

Scrap Police & Crime Commissioners

Fire Service:
Maintain spending but reform to smarter working

Sugar Tax:
I support this, as one way of tackling obesity

Planning Laws:
Remove right of government inspectors to over-rule locally elected Councillors

Reduce the deficit, but over a longer period and by allowing the economy to grow

Waterside Passenger Railway:
Strongly support

Council Housing:
Encourage authorities to build again

Air Quality: 
Take all measures needed to restore clean air

Increase tax a little for high earners

Living Wage:
I support this for all employees

Voting Age:
Give a vote to those age 16 and above

Gay Marriage:

United Kingdom Support:
We are “better together”

Foreign policy: 
We must develop much greater reluctance to involve ourselves in conflicts overseas

Foreign Aid:
Maintain our record of spending 0.7% of GDP

Increase expenditure on tackling the causes of flooding, as well as prevention

Downsize the operation

Separate religion completely from government.


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My Views – in a nutshell

Just for fun, I have listed my views, in a few words on a range of topics. Count and let me know how many you agree with!