Mission to Upset

Mission - David Standing By Ornate Gates
David Standing By Ornate Gates

I genuinely don’t get up every morning with an idea of upsetting somebody, but it usually turns out that way.

Almost every day, I somehow manage to infuriate somebody.

It must be because I use social media a great deal, expressing political opinions, challenge almost everything and resist saying things that simply please people.

I think that trying to be in the good books with everybody all the time is something that appeals to younger people than myself.

One of the joys of getting older is that you care rather less about what others think.

It doesn’t mean that you have to deliberately set out to upset anyone.

It’s more about having an attitude that says “Tell people how it is”, no matter whether it is a popular view or not.

I often have most respect for people I don’t especially like.

The critic, Clive James, died this week.

I am sure he said many things that created enemies but boy was he good at criticism?

Similar thing with Morrissey of The Smiths.

Some of his views are idiotic, but what charisma and attitude?

Locally, my hero is Chris Packham.

He’s upset a lot of people who don’t share his world view, but the guy has courage and he’s brilliant at raising issues and generating debate.

People who get offended easily really need to think a bit more carefully before deciding that’s the right response.

Perhaps schools should teach more about tolerating and respecting people who have different views?

I often encounter people in real life situations who can only respond to me in an unpleasant, uncivilised manner.

It isn’t always so.

It’s a real joy to have somebody debate with me, without descending into abuse and disrespect.

All the better, if they can use or recognise humour.

The fact that I am usually right about everything seems to set off a hostility in other people, but this is a cross I am prepared to bear.


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