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Councillor Davod Harrison

“Mismatch” …………Says It All

Streets Are Lawless
Streets Are Lawless

The Chief Inspector of Constabulary has given an alarming assessment of policing.

I am glad he has done so.

When politicians do it, they are often accused of raising fears for political gain.

He confirms there is a “mismatch between police funding and public expectations… a wide gap between the needs of the public and the police’s capability to meet them”.

So why has this mismatch been allowed to happen?

There are two clear reasons that needing sorting out quickly.

Firstly, the role of Police and Crime Commissioners needs to be scrapped.

We were told the posts would increase democratic accountability.

In fact, the reverse is true.

Instead of police forces being overseen by a cross party committee of elected Councillors, in Hampshire we have all the decision making powers invested in a single Conservative Police & Crime Commissioner who can’t claim to have a popular mandate, especially for the cuts agenda.

Turnout for PCC elections has been very poor.

Secondly, the capacity of PCC’s to invest in policing has been extremely compromised by a a lack of government funding.

They have spent much of their time, selling off assets, closing front desks at police stations and implementing other money saving ideas, all at a time when policing has to deal with additional threats, including terrorism, Trump & his family pretending to be dignitaries, increases in abuse cases etc.

Boris Johnson is claiming all the credit for a drop in crime in London during the period he was the Mayor.

I would like him to be quizzed on exactly what he claims he did to credit himself with this because most of the reduction (14%) was reflected with a general downward trend in recorded crime across the UK.

I simply don’t know how he accounts for the additional 6% drop he claims credit for.

The one thing that does seem strange is that he has suddenly woken up to the fact that the police need more officers.

Why only when campaigning to become Leader of the party has this thought suddenly occurred to him?


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