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E: dharrison100@aol.com

Councillor Davod Harrison

Melancholy In The Coffee Queue


I was in the queue for a coffee and cake at the garden centre when I looked into the eyes of a chap just in front of me.

I guess he would have been in his late 70’s, carrying a walking stick.

He was a complete stranger to me but opened up, telling me about his life.

He told me that he wasn’t sure where he was.

He asked if he was on a cruise ship, which I took to be a bit of a joke.

However, it became clear that he was serious.

He said he used to enjoy driving a car, but wouldn’t know how to anymore.

His wife, accompanying him, told him what to do, including when to go to bed.

It seems he spends his days in a permanent state of confusion.

His language was pretty colourful too, although it seemed out of character.

Fortunately, society has become much more aware of dementia but it still has the capacity to shock when you meet somebody, well dressed, with no visible signs of any condition.

My heart goes out to him, his wife and family.

Every day must be a real challenge.

I really hope that they find a cure.


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