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Councillor Davod Harrison

Media Scrutiny for Local Councils to Improve

press table for council meetings
press table for council meetings

Almost 150 reporters are being recruited in a new partnership boosting coverage of council and public meetings across the UK, including in Hampshire.

The BBC’s Local News Partnerships have taken are creating a pool of local democracy reporters, aimed at holding public bodies to account.

Following a competitive bidding process, contracts to employ an initial 144 full-time and two part-time reporters have been allocated to 58 news organisations in England, Scotland and Wales.

Councillor David Harrison, Leader of the Liberal Democrat Group on New Forest District Council has welcomed the measure.

He says “Over the years I have been a Councillor, I have seen many important Council decisions being made without a single reporter being present. It’s not the fault of the journalists.

They are few in number and are expected to cover wide geographic areas and a whole range of topics, not just local government.

Opposition members like myself do our best to let the public know what is being done by local authorities, but I don’t pretend that it is quite the same as the job local media should be doing”


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