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air Pollution

All news is dominated by the political wrangling in Westminster.

As a result, more significant stuff can often be lost.

Were you aware that air pollution now kills more people than smoking and that it is a particularly significant issue here in Totton & Marchwood?

This is an article on Page 4 of The Times yesterday.

I raised it at a Planning Committee meeting.

For some years I have been quoting Public Health figures that air pollution deaths in the UK have been estimated at around 40,000 a year.

It now seems that this figure is nearer 64,000!

New Forest District Council isn’t doing nearly enough to tackle the problem.

I don’t know why people aren’t rioting on the streets about there pathetic “Business as Usual” approach.

Perhaps it is simply because we can’t see the threat or that we have simply got used to it over many years and are prepared to passively accept it?


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