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Councillor Davod Harrison

Marchwood to Eling Cycle Route, and a Little Bit More

Marchwood To Eling Cycle Route Image 1
Marchwood To Eling Cycle Route Image 1

Good progress is being made on extending the cycle path link from Eling to Marchwood, this time so that it links to Tavells lane – rather better than coming out onto the busier road which is frequently used by lorries.

This part has been funded partly by Hampshire County Council and partly by a £10,000 donation from a commercial company that responded generously to a request I made (but wishes to remain anonymous).

Marchwood To Eling Cycle Route Image 2

Thank you very much indeed – you know who you are!

I would next like to see the route extended at The Eling end so that it’s possible to cycle off road all the way to Hounsdown.

This would be of particular benefit to schoolchildren.


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  1. Gary Hillyer on Wednesday, July 31, 2019 at 12:19 pm

    To install an off road cycle link from Totton to Hythe via Hounsdown , Marchwood
    would be such a fantastic achievement but sadly it is just not happening fast enough.
    I realise that you have tried and tried to achieve this aim or parts there of for many years and your efforts are duly noted but the whole project is just a dead loss. What is the point of being safe for only part of your journey.
    What can be done to get the right people to understand that riding bicycles on the road is dangerous and that there needs to be an alternative, particularly under the current circumstances we find ourselves in, with air pollution and a massive increase in container movement on our roads in the Southampton Area.
    Let’s stop playing at it, and get the job done!

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