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Councillor Davod Harrison

Manifesto Pledge Number 7

Mainifesto pledge number 7 - Soton Docks
Soton Docks

It’s that time of the week when I can exclusively reveal the next Liberal Democrat manifesto pledge for the New Forest District Council elections next May.

This pledge follows others on use of Art works, freezing council tax, reducing the number of Councillors, discounted bus travel for young people, ending the “Right to buy”, in favour of protecting the remaining council housing stock.

“We will oppose expansion of port related development along the Waterside”.

The party recognises the success of Southampton Port operations and the contribution that it makes to the local and national economy, especially for employment.

We wish that to continue and we believe that it will do so.

However, we do not think that it is necessary for port related activities to expand along the Waterside, including Dibden Bay and will strongly oppose any attempt to force this upon the New Forest district area.

There are many reasons, especially to do with the environment, infrastructure and impact upon local people and the nearby National Park why we think it would be wrong for government to impose such development here.

However, quite apart from all the arguments, (well rehearsed during the last Public Inquiry about port development at Dibden Bay over 10 years ago), the fact is that there are other places in the UK which could be expanded, without all the negative consequences that local development would bring.

As always, use this post to tell me what you think..


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