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T: 023 8086 4500
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E: dharrison100@aol.com

Councillor Davod Harrison

Local Demolition Concerns

Buildings For Demolition
Buildings For Demolition

I am grateful to a local man who called me, expressing concern about the demolition of these old buildings, just off Brokenford Lane.

The buildings do contain asbestos.

I have called out Environmental Health Officers from New Forest District Council, just to make sure there is no risk to health.

This is the response I have received :

Demolition works to level the site are currently taking place and are expected to last approximately 7 weeks.

· Asbestos is known to be present throughout some of the structures onsite (mostly found on roofs and cladding) the majority of which has been identified as cement bonded material which typically contains a low level of asbestos (10-15%)

· The demolition company is trying to remove as much of the material as wholly as possible, however, this is not possible for much of the roof structure owing to the condition of the building.

Instead, this is being demolished in a controlled manner, and is being treated and disposed of accordingly – I assume this is what has been seen from across the railway track.

Water based dust suppression is being deployed.

· A specialist company have been employed to monitor asbestos levels on-site, both around the site perimeter and personal exposure, neither of which has highlighted any concerns.

Owing to the nature of the asbestos (cement bonded) fibres are not usually readily released.

As we discussed, the enforcing body for construction sites is the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), however, the Local Authority does have powers in relation to dust nuisance, although from what was seen during my site visit I don’t anticipate any issues in this respect.

Although noise hasn’t been reported as an issue, you may be interested to know that the demolition company will be operating between 8am to 5pm (Monday to Friday), which is within with the hours of operation we would expect.

Our planning and building control teams are also aware of the works currently being undertaken.


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